Pakistan vs World XI 1st T20 Live on YuppTV

The hottest topic everywhere is the commencement of Pakistan vs World XI tournament that is being held in Pakistan. While Pakistan team playing World Eleven might seem like a match that we can look forward to, the match has garnered a whole lot of attention on an entirely different yet relevant notion that it is being held on Pakistan soil.

Many of us still have a fresh memory of the disaster that had taken place on Pakistani soil 8 years ago. The brutal attack of some terrorists on Sri Lankan Cricket team. Though none of the players were killed in the incident, they still suffered from injuries and trauma. The international cricket teams have thus refrained from playing cricket in the country. The country has not hosted a single event since then involving the test cricket playing nations.

This tournament named the Independence Day Cup accordingly has become a trending topic all over the world is actually an attempt by the Pakistan Cricket Board to assure the world that the nation is safe enough to play again. Reports have come up that if everything in this tour goes well for the cricketers from foreign nations, further international T20 matches have been planned with Sri Lanka and West Indies in the future.

Three matches are scheduled in this tournament between Pak vs World XI starting from 12th September. The first match is going to be held on 12th September in the Gaddafi Stadium Lahore. The match is going to be live streamed on YuppTV across the entire world. You can catch all the action of the 1st match of Pak vs World XI T20 Live on your Mobile through YuppTV. You can even live stream the match on your HD Smart TV using YuppTV Android App. Users from the middle east have an amazing chance to watch the action live for free on YuppTV if they Register Now.


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